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Shock Fastest Times

Last weekend I went to London with my girlfriend to celebrate her birthday and as usual I might have celebrated a little too much.

I ate and drank virtually my own body weight in a 48 hour period.

That being said Tuesday morning on the scales I had only put on 2 KG’s since Friday. So imagine my shock when I went out running last night and smashed my 5KM and 10KM running times, at 25.10 and 51.34.

I have no idea how that works although I’m certain it was due to many factors, such as, loading on carbs the weather being perfect with no wind and also the fact that I had eaten bad over the weekend helped me to push myself harder than I probably normally would.

Well for whatever reason I am happy with my times and am in no rush to beat them again next week. But you never know what might happen by then.

Keep motivated

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20 KG To Go

As of this morning I officially have only 20 KG to lose to reach my goal weight of 90 KG.

I don’t even remember feeling this driven to achieve a target I have set.

Weight Loss Graph Jan to Mar

The reason I have included this graph is for those of you who get put off by days where the scales go up. This will happen for any number of valid reasons, as well as some completely unfathomable ones as well. The thing to keep in mind is the overall trend. As long as the trend is downward then there is nothing to worry about. It’s perfectly natural for your weight to rise and fall on a daily basis. DO NOT be put off, think your regime is not working or something is going wrong. Just keep doing what you are you doing and over days, then weeks, then months you will see results.

Keep Motivated

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What’s Been Happening, something for everyone.


Since January I have been eating really clean. Almost completely strict paleo I have now lost 3 stone on the scales since December the 27th. Although this isn’t a true reflection though as my body shape has changed so much. I have also dropped 8% in body fat from 37% down to 29% today so although I can’t be clear exactly how much fat I have lost with my increased muscle I’m certain that my actual fat loss is over the 3.2 stone or 20.37 KG showing on the scale.

My average daily diet is something like

Breakfast – Nutribullet smoothie of  banana frozen cherries or blueberries and almonds.

Lunch – box of nuts and raisins and a banana

Snacks – fruit. Apple, orange, pear,

Dinner – Omelette with chicken or tuna

Drink – Water, lots of water

I have found that with this diet I am rarely hungry and still have enough energy for to train on average twice a day.


I have shifted my training to almost exclusively running. Last month I managed to run 60KM, whilst still getting in the gym most mornings. This month i’m looking to see if I can beat 60KM. I have started running in the mornings and some evenings too. I still can’t be sure of the best exercise for weight loss. but I generally start of with a mixture of Crossfit and running and then switch to predominantly running once I start getting fitter. A few people have told me though that weights are really good too for weight loss so I think I’m going to try and make sure I still find some time to get into the gym and move some weight.


I’m not sure how but even with work and all this training and clean eating i have also found time to watch quite a bit of TV. I have been watching Orange is the New Black, Blacklist, Blindspot, Luckyman and most recently Love. I’m about 5 or 6 episodes into Love and I’m enjoying it so much. I think its the protracted drawn out build up to a relationship that I’m enjoying watching. The will they, won’t they drama that is unfolding paired with really clever and natural script writing.

Moving forward

I have set myself the challenge of dropping to 90KG but the time I go on holiday at the end of July. If I manage to achieve this I’m going to treat myself to a pair of Havana Shooters from Ray Ban I am almost half way to achieving this.

Stay Motivated everyone



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The Blogging Community & My Place In It

I really enjoyed my foray last year into blogging, I found though that the other activities I enjoy doing and goals I have set myself make it hard for me to commit as much time to writing as I would like to.

Recently I have got back into it and also set up a twitter account to accompany this blog.


In doing this and attempting to gain followers I have been exposed to a multitude of other bloggers, travel photographers and lifestyle bloggers who are traveling to more extreme places, for longer, losing more weigh and taking amazingly well composed photos of a chief from a previously undiscovered tribe of natives while I’m taking just another photo of that statue in a city visited by millions of people each year. In the face if this sort of kick back I found it hard not to feel that my blog and travels were inadequate in comparison and to see any relevance in what I was doing. This realisation really hit me after I posted on Friday and did not get even one view. This was a real low point.

I needed to sit back and review what I was actually trying to achieve. It was a look back to one of my earlier posts which really helped with this. I have realised what I want to do, and always have, is inspire. Even if my blog inspires one person to travel somewhere they wouldn’t normally have thought about, have a go at taking a long exposure photo, get a little more exercise or try a healthier diet and lose a few kilos. That one person is the reason I write this blog. Or at least that it is what my conscious brain is telling me. I feel like my subconscious may find something a little more cathartic in the writing than I would like to admit. I think we all like to feel important and that we are making a difference but ultimately what is the aim of this life if its not self improvement and awareness.

Please comment with your views on this I would love to know why the rest of you blog. Is it with the aim of increasing your twitter following or getting a book deal or somehow to fund further travel or is it just as a way to express yourself to everyone or no one. Or is it just a hand reaching out looking for like minded souls.



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Island hoping on the southern archipelago 

For our only full day in Gothenburg we decided to take a boat out to the southern archipelago and see as much of the islands as we could. 

Although we had already researched the trams we needed to catch to head down to Saltholmen we decided to check in at tourist information before leaving the city centre just in case they had any last minute tips and also to see if could buy a travel card there. The travel card is a good idea as you can use this on the trams and the boats. The girl is the tourist centre was really helpful and also gave us a map and a time table for the boats. 

It was only a short walk to the tram stop and it wasn’t a long wait before the number 11 came along. It was quite a few stops on the tram down to Saltholmen where you catch a boat over to the island but the time passed quickly with all the new sites and the chatter of locals on the tram. 

We decided to take the boat as far as possible which this time of year is the island of Vrångö. The boat journey down was beautiful and the weather couldn’t have been better. With clear sky’s and bright sunshine. This island seemed to be one of the least populated ones with hardly any houses visible when you disembark. 

We decided to set off and head for a bluff of rocks from which to take some photos. The island gave the impression of being complete deserted. It has been a long time since I had heard that kind of silence. The kind that only comes when with the Abscence of all visible life for miles. Even the ocean seemed to quiet itself in appreciation. Just a gentle lapping on the small sandy shores of the coves. We made our way up a rise of rocks reaching up to the highest point we could see. The view was breathtaking. Most of the photos were taken on a different camera so I will put up some more pictures once I get home. 


After a bit of off piste walking through the small trees and rocks we reached another outcrop of rocks and took some more pictures before deciding to head back to catch the boat to another island. As we reached the path just by the harbour we first heard voices for 90 minutes reminding us that there were other people on the island. Just before the boat arrived we had time to pop into the little cafe and get a small chocolate cake. 

The next Island we stopped at was Dronsö. This island immediately seemed to have a different atmosphere. As soon as you get off the boat you our right outside a supermarket and in the midst of a fairly large town. All the locals on this island either seem to drive a golf cart or a kind of motorbike with a tray on the front with two wheels either side. The kids seem to all drive scooters and motorbikes. Too fast. Although to be fair if you were a kid on this island there seems to be very little to do except for wheelies on your moped. 

From this island we walked across the bridge to the largest island Stronsö.


  We walked for a while to the first harbour and found a small cafe. We really want to grab a hot chocolate and sit outside in the sun all wrapped up in our gloves, hats and coats. However the cafe had only opened the day before and al the could offer us was a couple of strange teas and another small round chocolate cake. So we sat outside with these and at the small rolls we had secretly made at breakfast. Shhhhh. 

After lunch we walked up to the furthest harbour on this island. It was a really scenic walk complexity different to the first island but incredible to look at all the houses and the small chapel and cemetery. The graves all looked impeccable given the length of time they had been there. Much different to cemeteries at home. 

If you have the time and the weather is clement enough. I couldn’t recommend a trip to these islands more. Anyone with an appreciation of nature and serenity will absoloutley love Vrångö. 

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Dinner at SK Mat & Människor

Tonight to celebrate our anniversary and to thank Bec for treating me to this holiday for Valentine’s Day I treated us to dinner at SK Mat & Människor. Now this is certainly not a budget dinner. However it is by far the best meal I have ever eaten in any country. 

We decided to walk to the restaurant as it was only a couple of  KM away from our hotel. 

When we arrived we were warmly welcomed and seated at a great table overlooking the plating station. The kitchen is an integral part of the restaurant meaning you get to see all of the cooking and plating up of your dishes before they arrive. 

I had already decided on the 6 course sample menu and once at the restaurant I also decided to have the wines to accompany each dish.

Each dish was fully explained at service and a full description of each wine was given along with advising why it complimented each course. 

My favourite course was probably the shellfish broth. The dill oil which bubbled up through as you ate the dish was truly sensational. 

(minimum 2 hours)

Beetroots with roasted rape seed, sour cream and matured Swedish cheese.

Shellfish broth with shrimps, crown dill and tomatoes.

Skrei with smoked oil, vinegar onions, parsley and blue mussels.

Lamb with sea buckthorn and mustard glazed swede, creamed pointed cabbage and lamb jus.

Selection of Swedish cheeses with condiments.

Banana ice cream with rum raisins and yoghurt foam.


The six course meal costs 715 SEK

With an additional 595 SEK for the wine.  Approx £120 each in total 

This isn’t by any means the sort of dinner I would normally have and certainly not whilst away on holiday. But if you are able to eat here I can’t recommend it highly enough. The waiting staff were all amazingly friendly and knowledgable. On top of explaining each dish and wine they were even happy to talk to us about our plans for the next day and which islands to visit etc. 

The walk back to the hotel seemed quicker than the walk out. And despite the temperature being -4 our coats hat, gloves and the bottle of wine each kept us warm  

Safe travels everyone